80’s are back ! Favor releases “Chocolate Cheekbone”

Synthpop artist Favor releases new single ”Chocolate Cheekbone” leading up to his EP ”Lightweight For The Heavyhearted”

Newcomer Favor is well on his way to be an artist to watch. As the latest synthpop act to come out of Copenhagen, Favor has been praised with words from Danish radio host Mads Gundersen and several music blogs. Favor is releasing his new single ”Chocolate Cheekbone” leading up to his debut EP.

Danish P3 radio host, Mads Gundersen, describes the sound of Favor:
“Favor is intoxicating synthpop, that gives you an urge to change all your bills to cents and use them all at the nearest arcade. It’s positive, enlightening and to be heard in purple neon-light with a drink in your hand, which you do not know the name of, and it really doesn’t matter, cause you are going to spill it anyway when you are dancing”.

The music draws inspiration from pop influences of the 80es and has been referred to as “a contemporary lovechild between Phil Collins and Cyndi Lauper.” Since January 2016, Favor has been writing and producing songs with playmates of a Copenhagen music collective. A gathering who all shared the passion for gated reverb drums, Yamaha DX7 keyboard and melodic synth-pop compositions sharing vibes with artists such as Future Islands, Blood Orange, Ekkah and The 1975.

On April 13th Favor is releasing his debut EP ”Lightweight For The Heavyhearted”, produced by Søren Christensen, who also produced several tracks for Danish popstar Nabiha and newcomer M.I.L.K. but probably most famous for his band The Blue Van.

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