No No Yeah Okay Releases Avant-Garde New Single “That Ain’t You”

Indie-electronic band, No No Yeah Okay, released their innovative new single, ‘That Ain’t You, a perfect blend of synths, vocals and fluid acoustics. No No Yeah Okay breathes originality; creating an unfamiliar atmosphere you don’t mind getting lost in.

‘That Ain’t You’ is now available for streaming or download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Opening up with a wide range of unified talents and sounds, NNYO has created a unique sonic presence delivered by an elevated focus on aesthetics and narrative substance. A compilation of synths, drums, instrumentals and edgy vocals, ‘That Ain’t You,’ produced by fellow band member, Mark Gage, establishes an authentic noise soaring across an array of genres. “We focus heavily on Colin’s ability to introduce a soulful twist to an otherwise electronic sounding instrumental,” explains Gage.

Formed in 2014, No No Yeah Okay is a Milwaukee-based sonic melting pot comprised of Mark Gage (production), Christopher Quasius (guitar), Colin Plant (vocals) and Joshua Paynter (bass). Each member contributes their individual influences spanning across virtually every genre, creating a little bit of everything for everyone. “We don’t paint pretty pictures of a glamorous life, we don’t create party anthems, or sing about abstract concepts that anyone could sing about. The lyrics come from experiences and are delivered in a way that ties to a larger narrative; the concept for the project,” explains Gage. The group’s distinct sound awarded them with opportunities to perform on larger-than-life stages, such as Summerfest, Rock the Burb Festival, NBA halftime shows and many more. Now signed to the Los Angeles-based label Little Assembly, the new single serves as a sample for what is to come from the band.

A captivating song with hints of electronic soundscapes, No No Yeah Okay’s latest single takes you on an adventure through each genre. Download or stream ‘That Ain’t You’ on your favorite digital music store and learn more about No No Yeah Okay’s well-crafted musicianship at

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