New single from Cecilia Ebba – ‘Voice’

London based alt. Singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba from northern Sweden just released her new single, ‘Voices’, on November 24th. The track is the third single from Cecilia’s solo project, a project she began sharing with the world earlier in 2017 when releasing her previous singles ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ and ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’. With this self produced and atmospheric new single Cecilia is introducing a new side of her by inviting the listener closer than ever with her deeply personal songwriting and stripped back production.

‘Voices’ was born from a lonely place and was written midst a first re-encounter with some old familiar whispering demons, who for a brief moment stepped out from the shadows to show themselves in full light. It’s about briefly allowing yourself to peek through an old door that you shut a long time ago, balancing on the edge, close enough to feel old emotions catching up with you while you’re still at a safe enough distance to remain control and shut that door when needed. The sound draws comparisons to the likes of Bon Iver and Marika Hackman and the consistent guitar picking is gently carrying her soaring voice and ethereal harmonies, something that has become a signature of Cecilia’s sound.

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  1. Yardlander says:

    This is genuinely such a wonderful song. You mention Bon Iver in the review but I can’t get past Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens – it seems to hit exactly the same tone to me – the vocal production, chord choices and melodic style. Do you know if she’s playing any shows in London soon? 🙂


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