SONG OF THE DAY: Tishmal – Underneath

Tishmal is the debut solo project of Rachel Brockbank, a San Diego native currently living in Provo, Utah. The word ‘Tishmal’ means hummingbird in Luiseño, the language of her Native American heritage. This name was given to Rachel as a young girl, around the same time she began to seriously write music. Her sound is beautifully haunting, with vocal reminiscence to artists like Lana Del Rey, Florence & the Machine, and Tove Lo.

After years of closet writing, Rachel is now working with producers Mason Porter (Haarlem, Goldmyth) and Christian Darais (The Brocks) on her freshman EP to be released early next year. With heavy beats and brooding, bleeding heart vocals, Tishmal balances expertly at the intersection of light and darkness, finding space for her fears and hopes to coexist in the same song.

“We were hanging in the studio and Mason, one of my producers, played a short clip of an old idea he had,” explains Tishmal on her debut single. “Immediately, this picture of moving water and a melody came into my head. I sang it into my phone and then wrote out the rest at home. A lot of times I really struggle with the unknowns that come in life and relationships. ‘Underneath’ is about embracing that uncertainty, understanding it, yelling at it.”

Tishmal will release more new music this winter leading up to her new EP. For more information on Tishmal, be sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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