Midnight Mystery Club released their debut album ‘Reason Or Rhyme’

Independent artist Midnight Mystery Club released their debut album ‘Reason Or Rhyme’,  back in April via the band’s own label, Playing Hooky Music.

Single ‘Alright’, makes its’ presence known mid-March. The first singles ‘Calling Me’, ‘Run’, and ‘Richest Man in the World’ have already received glowing reviews and can be heard on U.S. & Canadian College Radio, Independent Radio in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Mixcloud and other streaming radio stations.

Audio Drums applauded ‘Run’ as one of the best tracks of 2016 while International House of Sound praised ‘Calling Me’ as “beautiful… mesmerizing disco”. IHOS also lauding Midnight Mystery Club as “steadily building a reputation for putting out absolutely stunning tracks”.

Reason or Rhyme is the first full-length album following up 2015’s Balearic dance single ‘Keep a Beat’ (featured on Café Mambo’s Ibiza Sunsets, amongst numerous others). This chic endeavor also marks the first collaboration with Producer Michael Gray. Known for being one-half of the legendary duo, Full Intention, Michael has had a standout solo career with such massive club hits as ‘The Weekend’ and ‘Borderline’.

Reason Or Rhyme is out now via Playing Hooky Music and available to buy on iTunes.

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