[PREMIERE] Ed Prosek Releases “Tear It All Down”, the first taste of upcoming Flesh and Blood EP

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek releases ‘Tear It All Down’, the first taste of his upcoming EP Flesh & Blood (due out May). Recorded in Berlin, the artist has flipped the perspective from his previous work, with his new output yielding a much darker, heavier sound. Prosek brings together his singer songwriter roots and a more complex exploration of raw sound, instrumentation and arrangement.

Inspired, in part, by post-apocalyptic 2009 film, The Road, ‘Tear It All Down’ tells a story of perseverance, but ultimately hopelessness. Borne out through both the lyrical themes and the music itself, it’s as if the very weight of the sound of the chorus is the burden of uncertainty carried by us all, and the emptiness of the verses, the stark and brutal void of the calm before the storm. The fear of the unknown is a palpable presence within the song.

Prosek’s evolution from acoustic singer songwriter to this new direction has been a natural progression through both his personal growth as an artist, and a reflection of a less certain world.


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  1. Longtime Fan and Critic says:

    A relieving pivot from the corniness of Ed’s last few songs (even if they were occasionally catchy). Finally some oomph and meatiness to his sound without the self-pitying vibe. Hope this shift continues. His composing skills deserve epic landscapes to play with.


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