New Single from four-piece R&B influenced indie-rock band Lanes

Lanes is a four-piece R&B influenced indie-rock group from Atlanta, GA. Formed during the summer of 2015, vocalist Tim Romero left college to start the group with long time friend and bandmate, Jon Stoff. The two recruited their childhood friends, Chris and Johnny Beno, to complete the group and quickly hit the studio.

In October 2015, Lanes released their 2-track single, ‘Sort You Out / Kid Runnin’ (Produced by Matt Malpass). They began to garner attention in their native Atlanta, a city not known for it’s indie scene. A collaboration with local photographer n.Effect resulted in the creation of a unique street photography aesthetic for the band.

” ‘All Things Aren’t Forgiven’ is a song born from frustration and infatuation, definitely. It’s about being with fed up with situations you can’t control, and trying to control them, even when you know you can’t. It’s our best effort so far I think, and certainly our most complex concept. Musically and lyrically it kind of takes a few listens to fully grasp what’s going on, but we like it that way.” – Lanes

For more information on Lanes, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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