NIGHT TALKS releases new music video ‘JUNGLE’

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band, Night Talks, announce the premiere of their new music video, ‘Jungle!’ This is the third single from their forthcoming debut album, In Dreams. The LP is set for release in 2017. With slow and deliberate guitar and bass, ‘Jungle’ begins with soft croons from Soraya Sebgahti that envelop the listener in a soft embrace before changing pace into a hard-hitting garage rock track, reminiscent of 90’s greats like Nirvana or Garbage. The video for the track tells the story of a young woman who decides it’s time to show her band mates “…how it feels to reach the limit of your lies,” as she picks them off one by one in a neo noir style setting.

Night Talks is comprised of Soraya Sebghati (vocals), Jacob Butler (guitar), and brothers Josh (bass) and Cris (drums) Arteaga. The band finished recording their debut album In Dreams in March of this year, and released their first single, ‘Green,’ on May 3rd. Buzzbands LA wrote that “the debut single […] comes at you like a sleek luxury car, with frontwoman Soraya Sebghati’s resonant, angst-tipped vocals sounding confident enough to handle any stadium.” On May 15th, ‘Green’ was played on KROQ Locals Only for the first time. Within a week, the single hit #1, and the band played the first Play Like A Girl showcase at the Echo to a sold out crowd. Their most recent release, ‘Mr.Bloom,’ premiered with Grimy Goods who stated ‘Mr Bloom’ wraps you in an anthemic blanket of sounds. From Sebghati’s classic vocals, heightened by the steady roar of Cris Arteaga’s drum bravado and the cryptic bass of Josh Arteaga, Night Talks rounds out a bold, yet inviting sound for ‘Mr. Bloom.’

The band plans to start touring in the new year. Stay tuned for music from Night Talks as they gear up for the release of In Dreams!

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