Gospel Dating Service present their second single ‘Queen Mary´s Cemetery’ from the fresh album ‘Champagne’

Gospel Dating Service (GDS) is a band project based in Vienna that stands for groovy up-tempo beats, catchy choruses and heartfelt soul. Band members Christoph Ertl (Keys/Vox), David Resch (Bass) and David Ruhmer (Drums) create their very unique style, shaped by a combination of uplifting beats, as well as powerful bass- and synthesizer effects, forming a musical invitation to dance. After the albums first single ‘Red’ hit the Austrian music scene with a top-ten ranking in the national Indiecharts and a top-twenty entry in the Radio FM4 Charts, their second single ‘Queen Mary´s Cemetery’ is ready tob e unleashed!

The track comes from GDS‘ debut ‘Champagne’ (released 7 October, 2016, Kleio Records has a dark main theme: the evanescence of human relationships and remorsefull retrospection of them [still feeling those feelings, they’ll always be there] the song reflects pure melancholy. The intersting part about it is, that it’s still pop music and not purely ballade. With the distinctive chorus [since you disappeared] and a vocal performance by Christoph Ertl that are second to none, the track combines both the urge to sing along freely and authentic lovesickness. One of which can only originate from the ending of a first and rather naive relationship.. The songs name is a reference tot he sunk battleship HMS Queen Mary and it’s tragedy

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