Caine Casket finds his way through the clouds in the video for ‘Bil·lows’

‘Bil·lows’ is atmospheric both in sound and content…with its soothing melodies and heaven-like metaphors, the track sounds almost similar to gospel…grounded only by Caine Casket’s vocals.

In celebration of 20k+ plays on Soundcloud, Caine Casket shares the visual for his latest single ‘Bil•lows,’ produced by D. Sanders & Joey Molina.

This atmospheric cut is the first single off Caine’s forthcoming EP, NineNights. ‘Bil•lows,’ shot by Godfred Sedano offers a glimpse into the clouded inner sanctum of the New Jersey native as he tries to wade through his distractions. Blocking out the noise, Caine immerses himself in his work while the homies attempt to pry him away.

“In this digital age I feel like inner peace is harder to find with these social clouds surrounding us. I’m constantly removing myself from it all just to get a glimpse who I actually I am,” said Caine Casket. “‘Bil·lows’ is about finding yourself through clouds — both online & off.”

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