Fly My Pretties released their sixth album, ‘String Theory’. Listen Now!

New Zealand’s favourite musical collective Fly My Pretties released their sixth album,‘String Theory’.

Recorded live at Auckland’s Mercury Theatre and Wellington’s Paramount Theatre across nine sold-out shows, ‘String Theory’ examines who we are, and our place in the universe through musical storytelling.

Early demos of the songs were presented for the first time in a group writing day at Wellington’s Surgery Studio, just over a month out from the shows. 18 new songs were then refined and polished across four days at Auckland’s Lot23, and performed four times in Auckland, and five times in Wellington. The album presents the best takes from nine shows, and some truly special moments of collaborative magic.

‘String Theory’ represents an expansion on the traditional Fly My Pretties sound. While the folk and singer-songwriterm elements remain, the concept opened the door for a new range of sounds – spacey vocals and pulsating synths – again brought to life by a cast which features some of NZ’s most talented musicians.

The ‘String Theory’ cast represents a mix of longstanding Fly My Pretties members, with some of the country’s brightest talents lead again by Barnaby Weir.

Each track on the album is accompanied by a musical video which captured the stunning visuals from each show. The visual show was a living, breathing organism, with a server brain linked directly to each strain of music. The result was completely unique each night, and each video captures these uniquely stunning visuals.

‘String Theory’ represents the next step in the journey of Fly My Pretties, and shows an act which is still as innovative as they were at their inception.

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