St. Albion releases video to new single ‘Ghosting’ featuring Max Frost

After garnering significant tastemaker interest and airplay with his current single ‘Ghosting’ – a smart-mouthed collaboration with fast-rising US singer Max Frost that feels like an anthem for anyone who’s ever been messed around – St. Albion today unveils his brand new video!

“Our song is about escaping or ending a bad relationship. Not necessarily a “boy and girl” love thing – it could be taken like that – but that wasn’t our vibe… it could be about ending an addiction, friendship or business, whatever… I guess however people would like to interpret it so we thought it would be cool to have someone escaping or getting away from something you can’t see… give it a little bit of a mysterious feel. I dunno if it’s weird to say this about your own clip – but we love it and Maya looks amazing,” says Thomas.

Thomas Honeywill is no stranger to the studio but as St. Albion he’s making songs that are unlike anything else before. Electronic based but with songwriter structures and compelling guest vocalists, St. Albion has no rules, only a commitment to making music that connects. For Thomas, this project is about having the freedom to create music that doesn’t have to be bound to a certain genre.

Thomas was introduced to Max Frost during his recent tour of Australia and the pair quickly got in the studio where they wrote most of ‘Ghosting’ in a single day. Thomas played him a beat, Max jumped in with vocal ideas and together they fleshed it out lyrically. That sort of authentic collaboration is at the core of St. Albion.

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