Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Stefan Alexander reveals music video for critically acclaimed track ‘Skeleton’

Today, simmering pop/R&B artist Stefan Alexander releases the the music video for his highly praised debut single, ‘Skeleton’. The track, highlighted by buoyant rhythms and Stefan’s silky vocals, is about the difficulties in sustaining relationships, both romantic and platonic.

“The video for ‘Skeleton’ took on much of the spooky imagery in the song’s lyrics. We shot most of the scenes in several abandoned buildings deep in the woods in Cold Spring, NY. A boy and a girl follow me throughout the video as past lovers from another time. They continue to haunt me and invade my dreams, even though I can never truly reach them in the real world.”Stefan Alexander

Born in a musical household, Stefan started singing, playing piano and writing songs before most kids can form complete sentences. By the age of six, he was recording his ideas on a tape a recorder and began to learn other instruments. “I’m incredibly grateful to my family for letting me sing around the house pretty much constantly,” shares Stefan. “I never stopped singing, but my family was always very encouraging.”

Stefan’s music is both refreshingly unique and delightfully complex, perhaps because of his vast array of influences, which include artists like Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway, Whitney Houston, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Sam Cooke and Justin Timberlake. But Stefan, of course, is a true original. And, while he often gains inspiration from a beautiful work of art or a great movie, what makes his music so enjoyable is his ability to draw from everyday experiences. “I get most of my material from whatever is going on in my life,” shares Stefan. “Sometimes I’m inspired by friends and family, and sometimes I’m inspired by strangers. But the people that surround me never fail to spark an idea.”

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