Rob Drabkin – ‘Someday’ [… speaks to our power to chose love in every decision we make]

Rob Drabkin is a Denver native who’s been known to flow between a mellow singer-songwriter to full jam-rock frontman. Every piece of art he produces is meaningful and beautiful, with many music videos being awarded at major film festivals around the globe.

Fresh off of a U.S. tour supporting Trevor Hall, Rob just released his new single, ‘Someday,’ which premiered on The Bluegrass Situation. The song is currently featured on Spotify UK’s Autumn Acoustic, Spotify Deutschland’s Vuhause and Songpickr’s Best of 2016 playlists. It has accumulated 200,000 spins on Spotify within one month. ‘Someday’ is off of Rob’s forthcoming album and speaks to our power to chose love in every decision we make.

“It can be easy to feel that we are without ‘love,’ or to feel that ‘love’ is something so distant, so grandiose, that it is a force beyond our control. I wrote this song for those moments. We too often forget that love is ever-present. Not only can we find it in everything, we can also create it in the smallest and most unassuming moments of our lives. We find it within ourselves by creating, adding to the world, pursuing our passions and purpose. We share it with each other through laughter, smiles, and sympathy. All we can do is keep being kind, and being the best version of ourselves that we can be. In order to do this, we have to choose love in every decision we make.” – Rob Drabkin

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