New single from Traveler – ‘kid’

Music has the ultimate power to bring people together in an increasingly fractured world. The right song at an ideal moment can wield a mighty effect. ‘Kid’ is Traveler’s latest release and it’s the second original production since the band’s re-launch. 

Buoyed by energy and enthusiasm, Traveler channels its positivity into ‘Kid.’ The track feels like an affirmation of humanity and brotherhood and the acceptance of others who may not look like us. Summoning emotions through signature sounds that exude youthful exuberance – as when we were children and the world seemed kind, the possibilities endless – ‘Kid’ is a mid-tempo, positively danceable tune. With a cavorting melody and gently syncopated percussion, ‘Kid’ seems to soothe, assuring listeners that the sun will shine again. Characterized by Traveler’s now-signature synthesizers and a groovy bassline, ‘Kid’ is distinguished by massive major chords that elicit a feeling that everything will be alright.

‘Kid’ delights with a ska-inflected spoken word on the intro bidding a live audience to take heart, for a party’s about to begin. The track dovetails into the brightest, giddiest of moods with sitar-influenced synthesizers and a lush, resonant beat that turns the most ordinary of days into a celebration. The pure, high-octave sound of a child’s singing voice evokes a young Michael Jackson during his Jackson 5 years. This ‘Kid’ also has a distinctive groove and this tune radiates optimism.

Traveler is a live electronic band comprised of the American producers Zander and Peitzke. Traveler’s live performances take listeners on a journey of emotion through sound and cutting-edge visuals. Established in 2010 and currently based out of Santa Barbara, California, Traveler has opened for major headlining acts such as Flume, Seven Lions, Duke Dumont, Odesza, Autograf, Emancipator, Pretty Lights, Bob Moses, Lee Burridge and others. Zander of Traveler has performed as a DJ at key festivals including: Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno; Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas; Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino; Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara; and Envision Festival in Costa Rica. Additionally, Zander has DJ’d at leading nightclubs including Avalon in Los Angeles.

Said Zander of ‘Kid,’ “Peitzke and I started this track a while ago and we kept coming back to it after getting a great reaction playing it out live. The timing just feels right to release it now, and there’s still a ton more original music we’re getting ready to put out really soon!”

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