Utah’s Mojave Nomads have an electrifying song for us to indulge in

Utah’s Mojave Nomads have an electrifying new single for us to indulge in. ‘Create Double Feature’ is a pulsing delight, that capitalizes on striking vocals, rhythmic percussion, and vivid story-telling. The result is a mind-blowing release that highlights the rush of attraction all the while identifying infatuation as a game of pursuit, we are invited to witness the chase.

As the track begins to take on a life of its own, it oozes confidence with boylike charisma, completely captivating listeners. A terrific first taste from the talented quintet, Mojave Nomads have nothing but good times ahead.

As the ‘Black Sheep’ of the Utah Music Scene, Mojave Nomads are shaking things up in the region predominantly dominated by pop music culture. The band made their live debut on Halloween 2014, and recorded their EP ‘Black Sheep’ at Indie/Folk artist Joshua James’ Willamette Mtn Studio a few months later. The success of ‘Black Sheep’ led to spins on national indie radio stations, appearances on local news/radio outlets, and a number profile gigs including a Real Salt Lake Halftime performance as well as opening for national touring acts such as Highly Suspect, Smallpools, Run River North, James Supercave and Algiers.

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  1. Just like to say that they aren’t Utah’s “Black Sheep.” They’ve always been pretty popular with the ladies and that always gets you far. They put on an awesome live show though.


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