Toronto Indie Pop Musician Steve Benjamins Releases Brand New Single Surrender

Toronto indie pop musician Steve Benjamins is excited to announce the release of his brand new single Surrender’. The song is the 5th song to be independently released by Benjamins in 2016 and it follows the release of the incredible track ‘The Politics of Me and You’, released back in May.

Steve Benjamins has been making his particular brand of hook-laden, downtempo indie pop since 2013, when he released 2 EPs in one year – Dizzying Heights and Disorientation Man. He followed those up with another EP in 2015 entitled Sightlinesand then in 2016 he decided to scrap the EPs and made the switch to releasing a new single every 2-3 months. His new track ‘Surrender’ is the 5th song that he’s released this year and he plans to keep releasing music this way in 2017.

“I plan to release five or six more tracks in 2017,” Benjamin said. “I like it because it lets people follow along— they can hear the music as it’s finished. That just feels like more of a natural cycle.” 

Steve Benjamins plays almost all of the instruments in his music (piano, guitar, synths, drums, bass) and is the sole songwriter. He loves the process of making and releasing one song at a time, sharing his music so quickly after it’s made and getting immediate feedback from the listener. And with attention spans at an all-time low, Benjamins doesn’t think he’ll be making another full album or EP anytime soon.

“I read once that 200,000 single tracks are uploaded to Spotify each day. That’s a lot of music that people could be listening to other than my music! So if I’m going to ask people to listen to my music, I want to be realistic. A 4-minute single seems like a much more humble and reasonable request than a full-length album.” 

The song is available on SpotifyApple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers/streaming services.

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