Outstanding song from Bamik [This is what Mumford & Sons should have sounded like]

Some voices sweep away everything in their path, sending shivers up the spine, chilling the blood and inflaming the senses.

Right from the first note, ‘Chasing Heights’, will caught your attention and won’t let you go. Each line of his lyrics delves deeply into the most anguished and intense of feelings, and he has a tremendous capacity for honesty. Writing his music himself, he transmutes his personal experiences into universal emotions (love, fear, disquiet, hope…).

This is him. The one who likes Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver will welcome Bamik with open arms. And of course they are inspirations, as well as “mediocre house songs” could be another source. Woodlands is flirting with the American folk rock and is impressing with it’s broad sound. Bamik’s long hair and tattooed arms is gossiping about the music before you press play. But Bamik is so much more. Unlike other 20-year olds, he is not dreaming about the mega cities and adventures. Instead his dream is a cottage in the forest. Even though he is playing music the silence is important to him. Either be on a stage or not be seen at all. Everything or nothing.

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