Layered organic dance music from new artist Mona Vale [One to watch for 2017]

If you’re looking for new acts to watch for 2017 we’d like to introduce our newest songwriter and producer Jamie Hoddle aka Mona Vale; a multi-instrumentalist influenced by the warm analogue dance of Maribou State and Mount Kimbie and the songwriting of Bon Iver and City & Colour, he’s been working on his own distinctive sound inspired by melancholic melody-driven and stripped back acoustics and 4/4 rhythms.

With early support coming from Pete Tong and Danny Howard from BBC Radio 1. Mona Vale’s debut single is about an ex-relationship, and how it came to an abrupt end…a rash decision on her part and his hopes that she’d turn it around and eventually realise that she’d been too hasty.

Subtle percussion lets the melody breathe and soft guitar riffs carry his expertly produced topline. He already has 3 new singles lined up for next year and remix projects underway, as well as crafting a live show showing off his multi-instrumental skills.

With past releases under another moniker ‘Traces’ he has stated that Mona Vale is a new direction and chapter for this newly emerging and multi-talented artist.


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