Belgian artist Ivy Mode debuts her infectious single ‘Money can’t buy’

Belgian artist Ivy Mode unveils her catchy indie pop debut single ‘Money Can’t Buy’.

Enchanting the coaches and the audience of The Voice in her country in 2013, the singer-songwriter reached the number 9 spot in the national charts with her Ed Sheeran’s A Team audition and ended up as one of the eight last contestants at only 18. Fast-forward to 2016, her singularity is still as appreciated to this day and even supported by the Belgian national radio MNM where she performed a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Californication’ counting over 20K views on Facebook.

Inspired by the modern approach of Banks, Chet Faker, James Blake and the like, Ivy Mode found in W!G Music the perfect home to evolve and build her sound, a home where being « weird » and out of the ordinary is embraced and even encouraged. With the help of the producer James Lowland, she penned ‘Money Can’t Buy’, a song that pairs her warm voice with crisp electronic beats. “Money Can’t Buy is about putting your career first, sacrificing a serious relationship for it and then later regretting it, she says. Your regret comes too late, after you realise you blew your chance. Now you’re left with a feeling of emptiness because you’d rather share your success with the one you love “.

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