New single from Abbi Press – ‘Wait’

Abbi Press is a soul singer, songwriter, and producer based in brooklyn, NYC. growing up homeschooled on a 40-acre farm in wisconsin and then spending the majority of her formative years in IOWA shaped her to be intrinsically unique. her ethereal voice glides across the deep and smooth self-produced instrumentals, creating mystical waves of melodic poetry and dynamic rhythmic connection.

Abbi also collaborates with producers from around the world to seek out different spectrums of sound, lending her voice to producers like dirty chocolate, drip-133, falls, and obesøn to name a few. pulling from an alchemical blend of genres, her music can be found full of unique color and versatility that float through an array of styles and feeling — a captivating dream-like experience punctuated with a dynamic vision of her own breed of electronic music.

Find her in the waves.

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