Golden Vessel – Vines (ft. Woodes) – New cut of atmospheric electronica …

Brisbane producer Golden Vessel, aka Max Byrne, is set to release a new cut of atmospheric electronica called ‘Vines’, featuring the candescent vocals of Melbourne songstress Woodes.

In a gentle flurry of light and colour, Golden Vessel takes his listener on a luminous, ethereal journey, our hand held by the gorgeous vocals of Woodes. Like the making of the song, it takes surprising twists and turns, building to an eventual climax that spills out like an arresting waterfall.

“Elle and I managed to get together over two days in Sydney during EMC in 2015, which is when we first started working on ‘Vines’. We set up a little makeshift studio in my manager’s apartment and started re-working an instrumental I had made a few months earlier.

The bridge of the track was one of those, surprisingly common, situations where we said we would put something really quick and change it later, but it caught up really well and we fell in love with the bridge section. It’s my favourite part of the live set to perform.”Golden Vessel

Arpeggiators dominate the chorus and in the fine details rest fuzzy synths, a soft, comforting feedback, and ambient sounds like bird calls — all this intertwines to create a soundscape that is humble, yet cinematic and euphoric. The detail and control Golden Vessel employs on ‘Vines’ is inherent, but nevertheless, Byrne is able to create a glowing atmosphere that is freeing and expansive.

‘Vines’ is part of Golden Vessel’s debut ‘Before Sleep EP’; a stunning six-track work that showcases the producers ability to cultivate electronic tracks that are given life and colour. Golden Vessel’s unique soundscapes are reminiscent to that of Bonobo and Tycho.

“This song was written upon hearing the birds samples Max had in the pre-existing loop. My mind went to a kind of green, cavernous, tropical place. I suppose the content of the lyrics is quite straight forward, the idea of being in the thick of a relationship, having a disagreement, but being able to give one another time and space to work through things

This was the first track Max and I wrote together and I think by the end of the session we were both quite excited by how we could push one another through writing more. We spent a couple days working on new music and in that time created another track that is on my EP called ‘Poison’, and since then we have worked on many more.”Woodes

Golden Vessel’s ‘Vines’ and ‘Before Sleep EP’ are available now on iTunes and Spotify.

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