Azura – ‘Midnight’ [hauntingly gorgeous single from Australian songstress]

Brisbane artist Azura, aka Lauren Coutts, shares her special debut single ‘Midnight’; a haunting lullaby showcasing Azura’s celestial vocals and gossamer production.

Written at 18-years-old, the song encompasses the aching emotions of late night journeys home grappling with unrequited love.

“I wrote the lyrics while waiting at a bus stop in the city after midnight. It had become a reoccurring thing. I’d just turned 18 so I was going out late to see shows and I guess it’s about that streetlight haze, unrequited love and sleeplessness – all things that I was overwhelmed by at the time.” – Azura

Azura’s classical, wistful approach to vocals against a textured, modern soundscape creates a star-bright quality that finds a balance between sonically spectacular and thoughtfully minimal. In part this balance comes from the creation process of the track, originally a bedroom recording, it was the first song that Coutts took to a studio production level.

I produced it over two weeks and then took it to Jack Prest at Studios 301 in Sydney in July. He helped turn it from a bedroom demo into what it is now. I had been writing everyday for a few years and it was the first time I’d written something that I loved enough to get on a plane for. I listened to it and just thought, “this is it, this needs to exist.”Azura

From the synthesised string instruments, to the reverb on Azura’s already romantic, lachrymose vocals, the elements intertwine and float easily between one another, creating a sense of floating in space. This is just a ripe taste of what Azura can bring to the electronic-indie scene.

‘Midnight’ is available now on iTunes and Spotify, and for a limited time you can also grab yourself a free download via Azura’s Soundcloud.

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