elkkle – Don’t Look Down [stunning new single from Australian producer] 

Melbourne producer elkkle, aka Callum Baker, shares his latest single, ‘Don’t Look Down’, a sophisticated cut of experimental electronica inspired by the freedom that is given when one trusts themselves.

“During the time around writing ‘Don’t Look Down’ I became very self-aware that I was fearful of a lot of things. I was about to finish University, I was in a relationship, I was living independently – and with all this came a cloud of uncertainty between myself and my future. Sometimes the ground beneath you might seem so far away that looking down can only hold you back from climbing higher” elkkle

Inspired by the experimental designs of Nicolas Jaar and Arca, elkkle embarks on a personal pilgrimage to create a sound that explores space and movement unapologetically. The crisply-dispatched beats and elegiac synths create a tone of ascent and fearlessness; of moving forward.

“‘Don’t Look Down’ kind of became my mantra. It reminds me to breath, trust myself and continue onward.” elkkle

‘Don’t Look Down’ is the first of two new singles elkkle has planned for release before the year’s end, as he continues to showcase his talent for creating visceral, dynamic electronica.

Get yourself a copy of ‘Don’t Look Down’ now via iTunes or Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get yourself a free download via elkkle’s Soundcloud.

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