New electro/synth-pop track from Nick Pes

Sydney artist Nick Pes shares his latest s ingle ‘Sunsets’ along side a visceral, sombre music video. The synth-pop track takes inspiration from natures daily ritual — the sunset — and the painful breakdown of a relationship.

“The thing about a sunset is that one happens every single day, some more amazing than then next but daily nonetheless – but if you allow yourself to experience it can feel like the most beautiful and important moment in the world. There’s a sadness because it’s an ending but it also marks a beginning. You can’t stop it from happening so you just have to go with it.” – Nick Pes

Starting off slow and pensive, the futurist-synths coupled with a tight, twangy bass guitar make for an addictive track; a slow-burning groover, that is equal parts delicate and zealous. A house-infused bass line picks the up pace of the track, creating a sense of urgency and plea; of last light and hope.

The accompanying music video which was produced and directed by Josh Harris (Welcome The Machines) was inspired by cult sci-fi and Neo Noir films. The video also explores the challenges that modern and future relationships face.

We wanted to explore how science and technology will effect our relationships in the future. What additional ethical and emotional challenges will we face? Josh came up with the idea of two lovers who decide to be cryogenically frozen together, and one backs out at the last minute.” Nick Pes

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