Sun City – Castaway (ft. Yeo) [first single from upcoming ep]

West Australian duo Sun City return to us this week with a brand new summery treat called ‘Castaway’, which features the voice of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Yeo, and is just the first taste of their forthcoming ‘Daytona EP’.

‘Castaway’ is a much-welcomed return for Sun City as they give us a nice little intro into the new material they’ve been busy working on. Their aim was to create a chilled but upbeat track with warm coastal-summer vibes, and with the use a variety of different synths coupled with tropical percussive elements, this is something they have achieved 100%.

The track opens with an easy steel drum intro as Yeo’s voice begins to tell a tale of relinquishing control. They’re soon met by a smooth uplifting beat, warm tropical percussion and a variety of crisp synth sounds that all come together to give ‘Castaway’ its chilled summery groove.

“This track is about relinquishing the idea of control and leaving everything up to fate, or the universe.” – Sun City

“When I first heard the demo, it brought to my mind the freedom that one experiences after an epic, destructive life event. Sure, the chips are down, but it can’t get any worse, so we leave fate to the universe and seek enjoyment where we can while uncertainty lingers in the background.” – Yeo

Sun City’s ‘Daytona EP’ will be seeing its release on January 18, however ‘Castaway’ is available now via iTunes and Spotify, and for a limited time you can also score a free download via Sun City’s Soundcloud.

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