Kids At Midnight – Turn It Off [get all warm & fuzzy with the gorgeous new single from Aussie producer]

Following the release of her hugely successful debut ep back in March this year, Melbourne producer Kids At Midnight returns with a emotionally beautiful new single called ‘Turn It Off’.

Kids At Midnight hadn’t had her hands on an actual guitar in quite some time, so she went out and bought herself a second hand Squire Strat (“It’s beat-up and beautiful and sounds warm as toast” – Kids At Midnight) and almost as soon as she plugged it in and started playing around with it, this new idea for a song just seemed to pour out of it.

She was really surprised and pleased with this new discovery, and was very eager to continue exploring it. With feelings of desperate romanticism in-mind (and a construction site happening right outside her window), Kids At Midnight began the production process on this new song, pushing her emotions to their outer limits as she developed and refined its instrumentation and melodies.

A gentle electronic beat begins to pulse amidst a dreamy atmospheric backdrop of echoing synths and Kids At Midnight’s gorgeous harmonies. As she tells her tale with a heartfelt emotion and desire, we’re carried away on a wave of smooth instrumentation and dreamy production.

“This track is a pretty literal explanation of what it feels like to be completely out of our mind about someone, but kind of liking it. It sounds weird but I love the concept of desperation and how that’s so improper in this age of self-help, how we’re all meant to be so in control of everything all the time. I think it’s lovely to be calm and in control but when I look back I’ve never felt so alive when I was really desiring against what I knew to be ‘good’ for me.” – Kids At Midnight

‘Turn It Off’ is available now from iTunes or Spotify, and for a limited time you can also grab a free download via Kids At Midnight’s Soundcloud.

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