Failr – Animal (ft. AVIVA) [new single from Aussie producer with strong Avalanches vibe] 

After the success of his second ep ‘Annie’ earlier on in 2016, Australian producer Failr is back with a brand new sample-driven track called ‘Animal’, which features the gorgeous voice of Sydney songstress AVIVA.

After Warwick Levy (aka Failr) finished working on his debut ep, he decided to take a year off songwriting to clear his head, something he felt was much needed at the time. He was actually in now hurry to get back into writing, until one day while playing around with a guitar and vocal sample that he had found online, he discovered a brand new track was starting to emerge. He wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to jump back into Failr just yet, but felt this track idea was something he couldn’t ignore.

After a bit of refining Warwick sent this new song over to his friend AVIVA to check out and she jumped at the chance to add some of her own vocals to it. Then after adding a bit of bass and making a few other minor adjustments and arrangements, it was clear that ‘Animal’ was going to be the next official Failr release.

“Working on this track was like opening Pandora’s box as it led to another 4 tracks all coming together in the space of 2 weeks, and it felt only natural to use ‘Animal’ as the first taste of the future Failr sound. In a lot of ways the track is essentially what I would have made from day one, had I had the production ability, musical knowledge and the ability to create Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time vocal chops.” – Failr

‘Animal’ has a strong focus on cut-up guitar samples, summer vibes and thumping kicks. It has multiple layers of percussive samples that are built from hats, hip-hop beats and Link’s fighting samples, while AVIVA’s voice keeps everything in check with its meticulously refined, feminine beauty.

‘Animal’ featuring AVIVA will be seeing its official release on October 4, but until then you can pick up a free download via Failr’s Soundcloud, where you’ll also find his debut ‘Annie EP’.

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