SAINT BEST reveals the single ‘Pacific Girls’ – a shining summery pop track

SAINT BEST play energetic synth pop inspired by nu-disco and new wave. It’s danceable music full of tropical percussion beats and driving synths. After releasing their first single ‘In The Morning’ earlier this summer the band enjoyed international blog exposure and now SAINT BEST is proud to present the follow-up track ‘Pacific Girls’.

The Copenhagen-based quartet was formed in the ashes after a fire in their rehearsal space that turned all their instruments to ashes. The band embraced this a new beginning and replaced the guitars that were lost with synthesizers and samplers.

‘Pacific Girls’ is about the positive and negative sides of a turbulent relationship; about being attracted to something that you very well know isn’t necessarily good for you. It explores the obsessive and constant negotiation with oneself that people in those situations often finds themselves in – whether to pursue the dream of the perfect ‘Pacific Girls’.

With ‘Pacific Girls’ SAINT BEST deliver the soundtrack for a beach bar and for the long summer nights in need of sexy and pulsating synth pop. It’s produced in collaboration with Rune Borup (Camille Jones, I Got You On Tape, Vinnie Who, Mont Oliver etc.).

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