New video for Knox Hamilton latest single ‘Washed Up Together’

Little Rock, Arkansas based, indie-rock band Knox Hamilton has just released their innovative music video for ‘Washed Up Together’.  The video was directed by Titanic Sinclair (Borns, That Poppy) who brought to the table a concept so interesting it sucked everyone in…literally. The simple yet astonishing and exceptional clip pulls you in to its imaginative visual where curious characters get vacuum sealed to beauty-altering perfection.  Its unique square format is one of the first of its kind, perfect for social media where teasers the band released earlier this week already have thousands of views and comment.

“We loved working on this music video with Titanic Sinclair,” the band said of the groundbreaking experience. “He was very creative and very interactive.  The whole process of being vacuum sealed felt like getting a giant hug from Hulk Hogan. This is the ultimate bear hug from us to you.”

Katy Perry recently tweeted that the video was “brilliantly made” and “already giving [her] anxiety.”

‘Washed Up Together,’ produced by Tim Pagnotta (Neon Trees, Walk The Moon) started simply as a song about self-reflection. However as the music progressed, the atmospheric track reinvented itself. Almost serendipitously, the song shifted from being a piece about having nothing left in the tank to a confession about feeling immersed in someone else’s everything.

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