French duo Diva Faune is coming hot!

Signed to Sony ATV Music publishing, Diva Faune are wise with their choice of sound and timing of their release.

After playing all over France and London, and opening for acts like Coasts and Chris Pureka, Yogan and Jeremy are ready to take the rest of the world bt storm once they release their upcoming EP later this year. One Listen to ‘The Age of Man’ and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Hight-energy and enthusiastic, the song is all the best parts of Milky Chance and Plain White T’s and will definitely keep your toes a-tappin’.

‘The Age Of Man’ is a brilliant track, it has a pulsing bass beat sure to get your dancing. The warm opening guitar chords create a pop theme for the track and these chords are the basis of the open and pleasing tone of the track. The plucking melody creates an accessible melody which is a perfect balance of the familiar and the unique. The vocals are full of character, Yogan sings in English and he has a distinct sound to the vocals, giving this band an instantly recognisable sound. This song has a mass appeal, I can hear it on video games, adverts, all over the charts due to its carefully crafted contemporary style. It is fresh and fun dance music at its best.


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