Paper Lions Release New Single ‘My Number’

The fourth single from Full Colour, ‘My Number’ starts out slow, a creeping, driving verse building into an explosive chorus with a thick, clean riff and synths like a siren call.

Recorded in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, with Colin Buchanan, and mixed in Brooklyn, New York with Andrew Maury (RAC, Lewis Del Mar, Panama Wedding), ‘My Number’ is the fourth single from Paper Lions’ forthcoming album, Full Colour, due out September 16, 2016.

First single Believer introduced Paper Lions’ new pop sound, ‘Call Back’ threw it for a loop,‘Born To Rule’ bridged the divide, and latest single, ‘My Number’ burns the rule book.

“And now, Canada has another new export that you need to know immediately, Paper Lions. With a little Passion Pit, a little Walk the Moon, and a hell of a lot of energy, Paper Lions are bringing exuberant dance pop straight from the Great White North… …they’re going to stay on our radar as a young pop act to watch and you can guarantee we’ll put them on yours.”Baeble Music

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